Healthy North Coast

Aims and Objectives

The North Coast Allied Health Association aims to:

  • Improve access to the full range of allied health professional services to North Coast residents and communities
  • Build the quality of allied health service provision in this region
  • Support allied health professional on the North Coast to deliver high quality services
  • Promote enhance integration of health care between the different professions and various agencies providing primary health and hospital healthcare on the North Coast

The North Coast Allied Health Association objectives include:

  • Lead the advancement of allied health practice for the benefit of the North Coast community
  • Advocate and provide representation on behalf of the allied health sector on local, regional and state matters of interest
  • Provide a collective regional voice for allied health professionals on the North Coast
  • Contribute to improved integration of health services on behalf of the community and practitioners, in the name of client-focused health care.
  • Liaise and collaborate with other regional organisations and associations with an interest or impact in allied health and/or primary health care
  • Provide a range of services and supports to members, including professional development and networking events and collaborative research opportunities.
  • Contribute to overall health planning in the region
  • Provide a strong and effective Association on behalf of members and the community